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Altor Corporation Single Shot Self Defense 9MM Pistol

Altor Corporation Single Shot Self Defense 9MM Pistol


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Part Number:787394000228 Manufacturer: Altor Corporation Model: hg1093

This ain't your daddy's derringer! This IS the virtually indestructible, simplest, least expensive handgun ever devised! It may look a little like something you'd use to light your BBQ, but don't let it's design fool you: This is the perfect little single shot pistol. It'll dispatch snake shot with surgical precision and it's all-weather design can stand up against the elements. Carry the Altor® Corp 9mm Pistol hunting, fishing, canoeing, on the tractor, on the trail, or in your truck!

Unmatched Simplicity

  • Foolproof Operation — Only two parts to connect to load & fire
  • Only six parts total — Routine cleaning involves just (2) parts
  • Reliable — Simple striker fired operation
  • MADE in the USA

Quality Construction

  • All metal parts are made from highest grade stainless steel
  • All synthetic parts are firearms grade premium polymer

User Friendly Design

  • Sleek, modern look — Non-threatening appearance
  • Fully ambidextrous — Functions from either side, both sides marked
  • Ergonomic & lightweight design — Easy to hold & carry
  • Unique firm & even trigger pull — Light recoil
  • Traditional button safety — Plus double action only operation
  • Integral Extractor — Makes reloading easy & quick

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