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Glock 26/28/19/19x/47/17/34/22 Optic Milling Start at $129 for RMR/Holosun C, $149 for RMRCC. *adapters are availble for Holosun k and you must have optic available at time of cut

Slide Cerakote single color is $65 with optic cut 

Lead time on cut only is 2-4days, 6-10 days with cerakote

Special pricing availble on milling if you get the optic from us, stop in to see our selection!!


We require the optic to be present at the time of milling as it is a precision cut to the specific footprint of the optic. Not all optics maintain the same overall dimensions due to manufacturing tolerences. This is not a universal cut and will be the tightest fit you can get. *Glock MOS can not be cut for specific sights