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Enhance the versatility and accuracy of your Glock model with our professional optic milling services. Our team specializes in precision cuts to accommodate various optic sights, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. Here’s what you can expect from our Optic Milling Service:

Glock Model Compatibility: We offer optic milling for a range of Glock models, including 26, 28, 19, 19x, 47, 17, 34, and 22.

Optic Options: Our service accommodates popular optics such as RMR and Holosun. We also offer options for RMRCC and provide adapters for Holosun K optics (optic must be available at the time of cut).

Pricing: Optic milling starts at $129 for RMR/Holosun and $149 for RMRCC. If you’re interested in combining optic milling with slide cerakoting, our single color cerakote option is available at $65.

Lead Time: Depending on your chosen service, the lead time ranges from 2-4 days for the cut only to 6-10 days for the cut with cerakote.

Special Pricing: We provide exclusive pricing on optic milling if you purchase the optic directly from us. Explore our selection of quality optics in-store.


Recoil Management: A match fit optic cut ensures a snug fit between the optic and slide, effectively managing recoil forces and preventing movement during shooting.


Direct Attachment: Optics are directly attached to the slide, minimizing stress during cycling and ensuring a secure fit even in demanding conditions.


Precise Zero Retention: Our match fit cuts allow for consistent zero retention, even when removing and reinstalling the optic. This feature is particularly important for maintaining accuracy.


Reliability and Durability: We focus on creating a secure and durable attachment, enhancing the overall reliability of your firearm.


Replacement Optics: While adjustments may be needed for replacement optics, our meticulous approach ensures a secure attachment and dependable performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Optic Milling?

Optic Milling is a precision process where we create a cut on your firearm’s slide to accommodate an optic sight securely and precisely. This ensures optimal alignment and performance.

Which Optics Are Compatible with Your Milling Service?

We offer optic milling for various Glock models and popular optics like RMR and Holosun. We also accommodate RMRCC and provide adapters for Holosun K optics, subject to availability

What's Included in the Optic Milling Service?

Our service includes expert precision cuts on your slide to fit the chosen optic, ensuring a secure attachment. We can also combine the service with slide cerakoting for a complete customization package.

How Long Does the Optic Milling Process Take?

The timeline varies based on your chosen service. The cut-only process takes 2-4 days, while combining the cut with slide cerakote extends the timeframe to 6-10 days.

Why Choose Match Fit Optic Cuts?

Match fit optic cuts provide a secure and precise fit, managing recoil forces, preventing movement, and offering consistent accuracy. This approach ensures optimal performance and durability.

Can I Purchase Optics from You for the Milling Service?

Yes, we offer special pricing on milling services if you purchase the optic directly from our store. Explore our selection of high-quality optics to enhance your firearm.

What Happens if I Replace the Optic?

If you replace the optic in the future, adjustments may be needed to ensure a secure attachment. Our priority is maintaining a secure fit for the new optic to enhance reliability and performance.

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