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At Chandler Tactical Firearms, we provide FFL transfer services to facilitate the legal transfer of firearms. Please review our FFL transfer policy outlined below: Transfer Fee: We charge a flat fee of $30 per firearm for all transfers. NFA Transfers: For NFA items, such as suppressors or short-barreled rifles, we charge a fee of $85 per item. After the arrival of an NFA item, we require customers to visit our store to set an appointment for Form 4 processing. Please note that we do not provide fingerprint services. Denial/NON-Transfer fee: For denials and non transferable items,  we charge a fee of $60 per item. This fee covers handling of firearm to get it into hands of shipping agent once RMA/shipping is completed by customer. Non-transfers: refusal/unable to complete a 4473(I.E. wrong product ordered, attempted straw purchase attempt, billing/shipping inconsistency, nonresident or refusal to update address with mvd, underage, financial reasons, inability to provide proper identification, or shop refusals) Valid FFL Requirement: All FFL transfer requests must be made by a valid FFL license holder. We require the transferring FFL to contact us and provide their FFL information before shipping any firearms. Required Documentation: When transferring firearms to us, please include a copy of your FFL along with an invoice. The invoice should contain customer information (name, phone number, order number) and firearm information (make, model, serial number, and purchase date). If you have any questions regarding our FFL transfer policy or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you throughout the transfer process and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Process of transferring a firearm: After you complete your transaction online, there is nothing additional that needs to be done on your end. You do not need to call us and let us know your item(s) is coming unless something went wrong or you have a special circumstance for pick-up that we need to be aware of. if we are not on file with the dealer, please have dealer contact us, FFL@chandlertactical.com. We do not accept transfers from individuals/non-licenses. The online store or other dealer you purchased from will ship your firearm along with your contact information to us. Billing/Contact info must match ID or Transfer will not occur. You will be responsible for Getting a RMA or shipping label to send it back. Once it gets delivered to the shop, we’ll unpack it, process it and call you to notify you that it is ready for transfer. Please note that the physical delivery of your firearm does NOT mean that it is ready for transfer. Your firearm is only ready for transfer after we contact you and notify you that it is ready. After we contact you, come pick up your firearm as soon as possible. Please bring your photo ID and proof of Arizona residency. For most, a Arizona Driver’s License satisfies both. If you do not have a Arizona Driver’s License, you’ll need to bring:
  • Photo ID like a State issued ID from another state (no further ID required if information is current) or a US Passport (government proof of address required).
  • Proof of Arizona Residency. Examples include Arizona Vehicle Registration, Arizona Voter Registration or a Arizona Tax Bill. Utility bills, junk mail, phone bills and personal letters are NOT acceptable as proof of residency. If you need more examples of proof of residency, feel free to call and ask.
When you come to pick up your firearm, we will provide you with a form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record) to fill out. The rightful owner of the firearm MUST be the one to fill out the form in person in our shop. This paperwork cannot be done ahead of time. We will verify the form has been filled out correctly and then submit a background check on- line. Once the background check has been approved or the Brady wait has been satisfied (or waived with a Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit), payment for the transfer will be made. Storage Fee/Abandon Property:
  • Once notified that the firearm is completed or has been received in the store you, the customer, have 30 days to pick up the product.
  • AFTER 30 days you, the customer, will be assessed a $12/day storage fee until the firearm is picked up or the value of the firearm or cost of labor has been collected.
  • Once storage fees exceed the cost of labor and/or value of the firearm, the firearm will be considered abandoned and will be put on the floor for resale.
  • It Is YOUR responsibility to be a responsible firearms owner. Therefore, multiple attempts will not be made for pick up. This includes any and/all receivers, any and/all completed rifles, pistols.
  • This is in effect and enforced dated March 2024 to present date. No excuses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FFL transfer?
An FFL transfer refers to the process of transferring a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer (FFL holder) to another FFL holder or an individual who is not an FFL holder.
How much does an FFL transfer cost at Chandler Tactical Firearms?

The fee for FFL transfers at Chandler Tactical Firearms is $30 per firearm or serialized items.

What documentation is required for an FFL transfer?
To initiate an FFL transfer, the transferring FFL must make contact with Chandler Tactical Firearms to request their FFL information prior to shipping any firearms. When transferring firearms to us, please include a copy of your FFL along with an invoice that includes customer information (name, phone number, order #) and firearm information (make, model, serial number, and purchase date).
How long can I store a transferred firearm at Chandler Tactical Firearms?
We allow a grace period of 14 days for firearm pickup after the transfer has arrived. If the firearm is not picked up within this timeframe, a storage fee of $10 per item, per week will apply.
Can I transfer NFA items through Chandler Tactical Firearms?
Yes, we can facilitate NFA (National Firearms Act) transfers. However, additional requirements and fees apply. Please stop by after the arrival of your NFA item to set up an appointment for the necessary paperwork. For NFA items, such as suppressors or short-barreled rifles, we charge a fee of $85 per item.
Do you offer fingerprint services for NFA transfers?
We do offer fingerprint services or we can provide blank fingerprint cards for the required ATF Form 4. 
Can I request an FFL transfer if I am not an FFL license holder?
No, FFL transfer requests must be made by a valid FFL license holder.
What is the timeframe for completing an FFL transfer at Chandler Tactical Firearms?
We strive to process FFL transfers promptly. However, the timing may vary depending on various factors. It is recommended to contact us for more specific information regarding the timeline for FFL transfers.
Can I track the progress of my FFL transfer?
Yes, you can reach out to our team for updates on the status of your FFL transfer. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.
What should I do if I have any questions or concerns about the FFL transfer process?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding FFL transfers, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you and address any inquiries you may have.

FFL Transfer

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