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Chandler Tactical Firearms is your destination for an unmatched firearm transformation. We proudly offer an array of Cerakote packages that enhance both aesthetics and performance. Our Cerakote finishes are more than just colors; they embody durability and protection against the elements.

Step into our world of meticulously crafted Cerakote packages, each designed for distinct preferences and goals. Embrace the refined Single Color Package for a timeless look, or dive into the striking Two-Tone Package that merges complementary colors for a unique statement. Our options cater to every taste.

For those who seek the extraordinary, our Custom Design Package is your canvas. From intricate patterns to personalized logos, our skilled team turns imagination into reality.

As certified Cerakote applicators, we stand at the pinnacle of excellence. Our rigorous training and unwavering standards ensure precise application. Elevate your firearms, accessories, and even everyday items like kettlebells, lamps, and knives.

Chandler Tactical Firearms marries artistry with functionality, ensuring your firearms withstand time and use. Our options range from solid colors to captivating camo patterns and intricate designs. Welcome to a realm of limitless customization possibilities.

Step into the world of Chandler Tactical Firearms, where firearm customization knows no bounds. Our meticulously curated packages amplify your shooting experience, embody your style, and elevate your firearm’s performance.

Our packages are born from a commitment to excellence. From the Glock Tac No Port Package’s functional precision with window cuts and slide serrations, to the innovation of the Glock Tac Port Package featuring reduced recoil from a ported barrel – our offerings cater to diverse preferences and needs.

For the ultimate customization, the Glock Tac+ Package harmonizes features like a ported barrel, slide serrations, and camo slide options. With each package, we infuse craftsmanship and passion for firearms.

Enter the future of firearm customization at Chandler Tactical Firearms. Our packages transcend upgrades; they express individuality, performance, and artistry. Discover the potential of personalization like never before. Your firearm, your style, your journey – start customizing today.

Single Color Package

Two-Tone Package

Custom Design Package


Camo Package

Battleworn Package

Custom Project Package

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Flag Series Package

Signature Series Package

Accessories Package

Gift a Package

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your packages?

Our packages encompass a range of customization options that enhance the appearance and performance of your firearms and accessories.

Why should I choose a package?

Our packages offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, bundling various customization features to meet your specific preferences and needs

Can I customize a package to my preferences?

Absolutely! While our packages are thoughtfully curated, we can tailor certain aspects to align with your unique vision.

Do the packages include firearm accessories?

Our packages primarily focus on firearm customization, but some may include options for accessory enhancements.

Is there a warranty on your packages?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work. Each package comes with our commitment to excellence, ensuring your satisfaction.

What is the turnaround time for package customization?

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the package and our current workload. Contact us for an estimate.

Can I upgrade or add features to a package?

Depending on the package and your requirements, we may be able to accommodate upgrades or additions. Let us know your preferences.

Do you offer packages for specific firearm models?

Yes, we have packages tailored to different firearm models. Reach out to us to inquire about packages for your specific model.

Are the prices fixed for packages?

While our package prices are competitive, they can vary based on factors like firearm type and customization features. Contact us for accurate pricing.

Can I combine multiple packages?

In some cases, certain features from different packages can be combined. We’re here to discuss your customization goals and find the best solution.

Do your packages include firearm maintenance?

While our packages are primarily focused on customization, some may include basic maintenance or cleaning services. Please check the details of each package.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing packages?

Our packages may have age restrictions depending on the legal requirements in your area. Please check your local regulations.

Can I purchase a package as a gift for someone else?

Yes, our packages make excellent gifts for firearm enthusiasts. Contact us to discuss the details and ensure a seamless gift experience.

What if I have specific design ideas not covered in the packages?

If you have unique design concepts, let us know! We offer custom design options to bring your vision to life.


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